Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jacq of all trades

My dad retired after working for the Defense Contracts Administration for nearly 30 years. My father-in-law worked for Otis Elevator/United Technologies his entire career. My husband Don worked for his group at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research for 15 years. He's technically a University of Colorado employee now, but he works in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration building in Boulder. If Congress has its way, he may be caught up in the budget slashing that is currently the rage in D.C.

I'm not just listing the achievements of the important men in my life, Genesis-style. I list their longevity in their careers because it might very well be a casualty of our economy's poor condition. It might very well be that the way I'm cobbling together my diverse skills, as a food service employee, a yoga teacher, an author and blogger, and a writing coach, could be how more of us pay our way.