Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was just listening to Colorado Public Radio's summer pledge drive, or rather tuning it out until "Talk of the Nation" comes back on. I have that right. I've pledged to public radio since I was a teenager.

The pledge drive made me start thinking that the government might make its citizens really happy to pay taxes instead of listening to constant appeals like: "If you like the Social Security program, please run to your phone right now and pledge. Pledges start at $60 annually . . ." or "For the cost of one grande latte a day, you can ensure that the government will continue to cover the costs of national defense."

In other news: Have you heard the one about BP's claim that the oil it's reclaiming from the spill will pay for the Gulf's clean-up?


Reminds me of when Bush/Cheney said the U.S. would pay for the Iraq War with oil revenue from Iraq's oil fields.


I thought the U.S. invaded Iraq, meaning it was on this country's dime. I support National Public Radio, but I was always against the Iraq war. That oil wasn't ours to claim.

BP and Bush are and were full of bull-bleep.

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