Wednesday, February 13, 2019



Forgive me
for focusing on your demons
rather than my own

I have perfected the habit
of pointing to the splinter in your eye
while polishing the plank in mine

I confess 
I will do almost anything
for admiration
except for the actual work 
of earning it

Enlightenment is the end point 
of a process toward liberation
of removing what does not please the Maker
of bearing burdens patiently 
until I can shed them
and live in the light-ness

I don’t know
exactly how it’s done
but I’m open to guidance

I begin
by sliding from the driver’s
to the passenger seat

I receive 
rather than give direction

I stand corrected
rather than offering correction

I want 
to walk into the next world
demon free
without the weapons I carried into this one
without my woundedness
and its terrible power to inflict suffering

I want to be healed

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